Art from the Cuyahoga Valley

Paintings from the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Area and more.

Paintings by Frank C. Aubrecht


This local artist, who's beginnings and life are tide to Valley View Ohio, has captured the rich scenery and history of the Cuyahoga Valley through many of his paintingsVisit the “Gallery” to see more of his works and visit “About the Artist” for a bio and some other tidbits about the artist. 


Titled: A Long Day 



This painting is typical of farm fields in the Cuyahoga Valley at the turn of the last century.  Unfortunately by the 1980’s most of these farms had disappeared.





 Titled: Near the Mill


This painting touches on one of the many locks along the Ohio and Erie Canal in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.  Wilson Feed Mill, still in bussines today, is shown in the background. 




Titled: Around the Bend



This barn scene                    depicts a glimps of the history of the farming community that was a mainstay in and around the Cuyahoga Valley area and all around Ohio. 


Nickle Plate Road 765    Excursion 


This is one of the steam locomotives to visit the Cuyahoga Valley Railroad                           Line running through the national park.  Fall of 2010